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New Q&A Website for Live Event Production Needs Your Help

Stack Overflow is a wonderful resource for computer programming. I use it all the time to help troubleshoot issues and to improve our website.

The company behind Stack Overflow has spun off the software into a site called Stack Exchange, where anyone can set up their own Q&A site on any topic. Stack Exchange user XedMada is trying to start one for Live Event Production.

Proposed Q&A site for professionals involved in the production of live events including Concerts, Theatre, Festivals, Televised Events, Corporate Events, House of Worship, and more. Covering Sound, Lighting, Video, Staging, Planning & Organization…

This has the potential to be an extraordinary resource for anyone involved in theatre but they need your help to get going. Please visit this page and sign up. Be sure to follow the Live Event Production page and enter some suggested questions, or vote for the types of questions you’d like to see. It’ll only take a few minutes and you’ll have input into what kind of site is created.

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