New Release – “Backspace” – by Lindsay Price

Backspace by Lindsay Price

Backspace by Lindsay Price

I’m thrilled to announce the release of Backspace, a passionate new play about the writing process by Lindsay Price.


30 Minutes, 2M+6W+15 Either, Simple Set

“Being a writer is not for the faint of heart. Not for the weak. Things get bloody.”

In the world of Backspace, writing is a struggle, a battle, a war. Writers go off to the front lines to fight Ideas who resist at every turn. They stare at the Blank Page and must stand strong when she starts talking back. They look for anything and everything to move their writing forward.

The front is littered with writers who have given up. Will our four young writers face the same fate? Every word is another word closer to Victory!

An excellent theatrical experience for any cast or any class. The play explores personification in a unique and vivid manner. Where else can you bring a typewriter to life?

You may recall that Lindsay experimented with writing a play on a manual typewriter. The project started out under the title of Typecast. Here’s a playlist of videos documenting her process:

Learn more and free a free excerpt from the play here.

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