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New Release: “betweenity” by Lindsay Price

I’m thrilled to tell you about our latest release – betweenity by Lindsay Price.

You can read an excerpt from the script for free right here.

by Lindsay Price
30 Minutes, 4M+4W+4 Either, Easily Expandable, Simple Set

We’ve all been there. The awkward pause. The silence where you just can’t think of something to say. The space in-between words where nothing is said and yet so much is spoken. The state of being between.

This vignette play explores the beats, pauses, and never-ending silences in conversation. The girl who tries to tell her best friend she wants to date him. The boy who creates the wrong kind of pause. The sister who is dealing with the silent treatment. The guy who wants to confess but can’t open his mouth. The daughter who doesn’t want to talk because talking makes her remember.

An excellent class project play with parts for everyone at all levels with a great technique exploration. How do you act in a pause?

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