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New Release: Discovering Rogue by Christian Kiley

I’m pleased to announce that Christian Kiley’s (The Art of Rejection: Two One Act PlaysVirtual Family) newest play- Discovering Rogue – is now available!

You can read an excerpt from the script for free right here.

Discovering Rogue
by Christian Kiley
30 Minutes, 2M+4W+6 Either, Simple Set, 29 pages

You have to go. You look like a nice girl. Almost like me and the other girls at my school. Pretty in your own way and from what I can tell coherent, maybe even smart. Shouldn’t you be in school, playing volleyball, trying out for the school play, or running for student council office or something?

Rogue has the best beachfront property ever. Right on the ocean “” location, location, location. Her home happens to be a cardboard box but she doesn’t mind.

Others, though, mind very much. They want Rogue to leave the beach. Now. But she isn’t budging. Rogue isn’t just running away from home; she’s running away from herself.

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