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New Release: Epic Adventures in a Rinky-Dink Art Museum

We are thrilled to welcome a new author to the Theatrefolk family – Ken Preuss. Ken’s first Theatrefolk play is a charming mystery/romance called Epic Adventures in a Rinky-Dink Art Museum.

Epic Adventures in a Rinky-Dink Art Museum
 by Ken Preuss
35 Minutes, 5M+7W

Who says art is boring, especially when there’s romance and mystery in the air? A group of high school students reluctantly visit a small town art museum to complete a creative writing project.

But there’s more to the eye than a couple of paintings. There’s the legend of Vanishing Valerie, the obsession of love-struck Kaitlin, the mystery of why Duncan would try to eat a clay apple, and who is that woman wearing the not-so-great disguise? “Though the art saw it all, it remains on the wall, silently hiding the truth…”

A wonderful character-driven comedy

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