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New Release – “Split” by Bradley Hayward

I’m thrilled to announce that Split by Bradley Hayward (Apostrophe’s, Smarty Pants, The Waking Moment) is now available. Split is a beautifully theatrical script exploring the effects of divorce on teenagers. The topic is handled with humour and grace.

Split is one of those plays that grabs you from page one. You get involved in the characters’ stories – you laugh with them, you cheer for them. It’s an excellent ensemble-driven show that would be an idea competition piece.

The play is written for a cast of 9 (2M/3W/4 Either) and is easily expandable to a cast of 28.

Here’s the blurb:

Those with Mom, this way. Dad, that way. Upstairs and to the right. Second door on the left. Wait for clearance. Those moving, veer right. Those sharing, veer left. Stop for Grandma. Slow down. Turn for Grandpa. Speed up. Wait here. Wait there. This way. That way. Speed up. Straight ahead. Speed up. Straight ahead. Speed up. Straight ahead. Speed up. Speed up. Speed up. Lift off!

Children of divorce are united through humor in this honest and theatrical look at the day to day reality of growing up in a family that’s been torn apart.

As these teenagers navigate a winding road that includes new bedrooms, new siblings and new responsibilities, they begin to put the pieces of their broken homes back together.

Click here for more information and to read free sample pages from the script.

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