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North Carolina Has Amazing Theatre Educators!


We just got back from the 2009 NCTAE (North Carolina Theatre Arts Educators) conference. Our table was in the lunch area of a high school surrounded by milk ads and a Coke machine:

Our Table at the 2009 NCTAE Conference

This was a new conference for us; had no idea what to expect. We were wowed. The NCTAE is an amazing group of people! The teachers in North Carolina are engaged, engaging, excited about theatre, passionate about education, and open to new ideas and… new people. Some teachers heard of us before, many were learning about us for the first time, all were more than willing to take time out of their tightly-scheduled day to stop and chat.

Lindsay Hard at Work

The big hit was our selection of free resource sheets. We’ve just started introducing the free articles at conferences and the response has been tremendous so far. Lots of first-year teachers quickly scooped these up.

Free Resources for Drama Teachers

If you teach theatre in North Carolina, you owe it to yourself to check out the NCTAE!

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