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Lindsay and the plays laugh

A collection of thoughts from the CODE conference (Council of Drama and Dance Educators) this past weekend.

  • I was asked if I had ever been an administrator because I pegged so well the way that a Vice Principal talks to a group of students in Tick Talk.
  • It’s amazing how many teachers use my plays but have no idea who I am. I want to change that.
  • I should have worn a name tag.
  • A teacher told us about seeing a great production of Apostrophes’ that really connected to the audience and for some reason did not go on in the Sears Festival. The teacher thought it was because the adjudicator was looking for bigger production values.
  • Had a great talk with a teacher about the value of the Sears festival in terms of students learning how to process an audience that not only is filled with strangers, but strangers who want you to fail because their school might go on. How amazing it is when you win THEM over.
  • When describing who we are and what we do to a teacher, she got all wide-eyed and said ‘I’ve been looking for something like this for seven years!’
  • There will always be new teachers and new members of an organization. I love introducing our plays and our purpose to someone who doesn’t know Theatrefolk or what we do.
  • An Virtual Family story. A teacher told us about using role play in a unit on the family. What is the family, who is your family and so on. She saw an interesting correlation between the unit and using the ‘family’ in the play as a discussion jumping off point.
  • People think I write a lot. :)

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