Notes on a Play: Oddball

Dixie Hollings High School is taking my play Oddball to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. I was able to sit in on a reading last week as they start rehearsals for the show.


It was so great to see this group at the beginning of the process. To see their commitment They were committed to the play. Committed to characters (One guy walked into the rehearsal and clearly stated ‘I am Dr. Dean.’ They are committed to helping each other. Committed to being an ensemble. Committed to getting better. Another actor said at the end of the reading that he couldn’t wait to start memorizing his lines and that he knew he wasn’t going to have any trouble learning them.

I loved seeing this in the cast. When all we’re told day after day is the laziness and the lack of commitment in teenagers, I’m here to say I’ve seen the exact opposite first hand. This tells you right away what kind of teaching experience these students are getting. It’s all about the process and less about the product. It’s about the experience, and what an amazing experience to take a play to the largest fringe festival in the world?

I’m thrilled that my play is going to be part of their experience. Part of their process. Part of their commitment. I can’t wait to see what happens next….

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