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Now Available – Ten Minute Play Series: Be Challenged

I am overjoyed that the third and (for now) final book in our Ten Minute Play Series is now available for your enjoyment.

Ten Minute Play Series: Be Challenged joins Ten Minute Play Series: All Girls and Ten Minute Play Series: Girls & Guys to complete the series of three excellent resources for short plays for high school performers.

Our Ten Minute Play Series continues with these ‘challenging’ shorts. What makes them challenging? The characters are more complex, like in Bottle Baby or Sunday Lunch. The rhythms in the scene require more specific timing to make them work, like in Oh Chad and You. Or there’s a twist that needs more than simple memorization and blocking like Hall Pass and Juice Box.

All in all, there’s a lot packed into these ten minute plays. Up for the challenge?

This Book is a Collection of 6 Plays:

  • Bottle Baby (2W)
    Beeb is a young recovering alcoholic. But the recovery isn’t going so well.
  • Hall Pass (2M)
    No hall pass? No entry. No matter what you say. No matter what you do. No matter what history you bring up.
  • Juice Box (2W)
    Two very prim and proper young ladies are no match for the power of juice in a box.
  • Oh Chad (1M, 1W)
    The story of a love that withstands all obstacles and surpasses all boundaries… except for one.
  • Sunday Lunch (2M)
    The sons of a divorcée and a widow try to cope with this longstanding ritual.
  • You (3M)
    An accused trio probes one another. Who is the rat?

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