Observation: Relationships


October is Observation Month here at Theatrefolk! That means we’ve got a month of Observation prompts for your Saturday exercise.

Observation is my number one tool for finding play ideas. When you observe, you’re not just looking around, skimming the world around you. Observation is the specific looking at people, places and things. You’re looking at the world like a writer. And when you look at the world like a writer, everything becomes a play idea.

This month there will be four different Observation prompts – one for each Saturday.

Complete these exercises with your students. Have them collect their observations in their drama journals. Or you can click below to download the exercise and Observation sheet to print and hand out to your students to fill in.

At the end of the month, have students reflect on the process. How did it feel to observe a writer? Look for our reflection sheet on October 25th!


There are many different types of relationships around you:

  • family
  • friends
  • love relationships

Take a school week and for each day focus on observing one type of relationship.

How does your family interact with one another? Do you eat dinner together or apart? What do you like about your friends? Observe groups of friends who aren’t in your circle. How do they interact with each other? What do they have in common? Watch different couples at school – how do they stand when they are talking to each other? What signals do they show off that let everyone know they’re a couple? Do they look happy or not at all?

At the end of the week write a two person, one location scene that focuses on a specific relationship.

Click here to download this exercise plus an Observation Sheet!


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