On Getting Notes

Post-show note time can be a bit exhausting. You’ve just come off stage and are ready to either go out an celebrate or go home and sleep. Either way, the last place you want to be at that point is the green room listening to a scene-by-scene critique of your performance.

The best thing you can do is just write down every note you get. I repeat – just write it down. No matter how obvious the note is, write the thing down.

Write it down if you agree with it.

Write it down if you disagree with it.

Write it down if you don’t understand it.

And unless it’s absolutely critical to discuss the note right then and there, just respond with a simple thanks. Then write it down.

If you have questions, a point of discussion, a debate, try to avoid starting a conversation about it. It’s amazing how many notes make much more sense when you’ve had a chance to sleep on it and reflect the next day. And if you think the note needs further clarification then come in to rehearsal early the next day and pull the director aside to discuss it.

Some exceptions –

  • You just need a quick one-sentence clarification of what the director meant.
  • Executing the note would cause a technical issue.
  • The note affects the entire company.

I’ve written this post as a reminder to myself, by the way. I’m not without sin. :)

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