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On the Road again…

It’s road trip time here at Theatrefolk! Today starts a two week journey down to FLA. We’ll be in St. Cloud, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Plantation, St. Pete’s Beach, Bradenton and St. Petersburg. Why, you may ask, does Theatrefolk spend so much time in Florida? You may not ask. Maybe you’re just passing through on this blog. Maybe you’re not even reading this. Am I typing in a void? If no one hears the laptop keys, do they make a sound? Ticka ticka tap?

Sorry. I’m a wee bit giddy. I love going to Florida. Not only will we watch the Superbowl (Well, on tv. In Orlando. Close enough), visit Disney, and spend a couple of days on the beach in St. Pete’s with friends…..

We’ll also be landing at the Florida State Junior Thespian Festival, teaching workshops, seeing two premiers, and generally connecting with teachers and students we adore.

And that’s why we go to Florida. Not for the weather, or the mouse, or the beach. Ok, that’s a plus. Big plus. Huge. But we really go because we love the folks, love working with the students, and love that they welcome us into their schools. Sometimes it feels we’re more welcome there than on our home turf. Sometimes.

Enough chit chat. I gotta get my sunglasses and get in the car. Orlando or bust!

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