On the road again….

Just back from Denver and the Educational Theatre Association’s Teachers Conference. It was our first stop on our crazy conference fall. We didn’t see any of Denver – well, just the mountains from our hotel room – but it was a great way to dive into the conference pool.

Met lots of teachers who didn’t know us, and re-connected with lots of teachers who did know us and have done our plays. I was standing by the elevator with an arm full of catalogues and a teacher standing next to me just happened to ask me what workshop I was teaching (I had a guest artist badge on). I told her about it and we were talking and I mentioned I was from Theatrefolk. She gets a look on her face. “I’m doing Agatha Rex this year,” she says. “I wrote Agatha Rex” I say. We both freaked out! She was so excited, I was so excited! I rarely get to meet and talk to the teachers who direct my plays and it’s still wonderful to me. I suspect it always will be.

Also this weekend I had what was probably the best workshop experience I have ever had. The success of a workshop depends somewhat equally on the what you have to offer and how much the participants want to participate. If you teach at the end of a conference you run the risk of getting tired, spaced out participants. On the other hand, if you get enthusiastic participants, the experience can be rather thrilling. I had a group of teachers who were hands down the nicest, most enthusiastic, drama lovers I have ever had. The workshop was about character building through script analysis and they were totally into it. I had the best time, and got some great compliments from the participant, which is great. I’m not the most confident of presenters so it’s nice to hear things come across well. I’m moving on to two new workshops for the rest of the fall so it was lovely note to end on.

Next week – New York!

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