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I’m totally stealing this from Bradley Hayward. We have just published his play Split. (Have you read it? You should read it! We have sample pages!) This week on his blog, he posted a photo from his notebook that showed his initial thoughts on the play and then what the finished product looked like. Here’s my (totally copying) version: Pages from the notebook where I started work on Somewhere, Nowhere 

And the finished copy.

I’m totally with Bradley that it’s still a thrill to see my words in printed form. Craig is working really hard on formatting a resource e-book I wrote and we’re about to publish, (Write Your Own Vignette Play) it looks so much like a real book that I’m over the moon. Who knew I’d ever write a real book?

Any playwrights out there, what do you feel about seeing your work in print?

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Lindsay Price


  • I love looking at other writers’ notebooks.  They are like treasure maps that only one person can read.  I can’t wait to read/see these plays.

  • Seeing my work in print is a confirmation of “hey, this is a valuable piece of work.” Meaning, the plays I write create jobs for people and that inspires me. The financial success of a writer is filled with uncertainty, but holding a finished manuscript symbolizes courage, conviction, and infinite possibilities.


  • As an avid reader all my life I totally agree that print equals value. I love that you equate a finished manuscript with courage!