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I’m teaching this week in Huntsville, Alabama and staying in an historical part of town. The house I’m staying in was built in 1836. Needless to say the neighbourhood is full of fascinating houses (most have plaques saying when they were built and who lived their first) and nearby there is a graveyard with a Civil War section!

I’m going to divide this post into two sections, this Saturday and next. First up, houses. Look at the picture. Who lives in the house and why? What has gone on there? Write a monologue from the perspective of the owner. What type of scene would take place inside? Outside? Write a conversation that takes place on the steps.

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  • First pic at top
    Baba Yaga’s house. She has not seen it for a long, long time. One day, it just disappeared. The chicken legs that kept strangers away, made it mobile, are gone. There is no trace of them to be seen.

    Monologue to come.