Picture Prompts

Carrying on my Arizona theme this week, here are some pictures to perhaps use as writing prompts. The Arizona desert is a fascinating place, everything is essentially the same colour of brown (the sun just doesn’t allow for bright colours) but then the sky was so big and so blue it was startling at times. We ended up in a old mining town that had been repurposed for tourism. And while there was an amount of tacky tourism stuff (“Get your fortune told by Old Pappy!”) there was also quite a lot of what seemed to be authentic machinery, history, and atmosphere to really engage me.

What do these pictures say to you? What do you think the old machine was used for? What is your opinion of the desert, have you ever spent any time there? Think of a character who might be found inside one of these pictures, or who is the person taking the picture and why? Enjoy and get writing!

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Lindsay Price