Playwrights! Write! Live!

Two very well known playwrights are going to write a play live today. At 1pm, PST. They’re going to write together and they’re not going to know what they’re writing about.

The event is being put together by Culture Monster, which is the Arts section of the LA Times. The playwrights are Neil LaBute and Theresa Rebeck. I’ve ready multiple works by both authors and instinctually I’d say they writing doesn’t fit together – which is exactly why they should write together. Having said that, as I write this I just caught sight of a Rebeck quote from the New York Times where she says her plays are about: “betrayal and treason and poor behavior. A lot of poor behavior.” Which reminds me very much of LaBute. So maybe they’re a match made in heaven after all.

I adore these kind of writing challenges. I’ve entered a couple of 24 hour playwriting contests and found them incredibly inspiring. You don’t know your subject, you have a restricted time limit and you MUST WRITE NOW. It’s a thrilling experience.

Check in with Culture Monster today 1pm PST to see what topic and characters have been chosen for the writers and what they do with it. I’ll be following along for sure. Makes me wonder how we can do something similar over here. Submit two characters, a relationship and a conflict and I’ll write a play within 24 hours? Maybe to celebrate when we hit 5,000 Facebook fans? Hmmmmm. Interesting….

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