Playwriting Binge

I’m starting a playwriting binge this week. What’s that? You’re going to binge on plays? Almost!
The rules are pretty easy: submit a play somewhere every day for 30 days and tell someone what you submitted. For some reason, knowing that I have to let others know what I submitted on a certain day is a great motivator to get it done. There is a group of us, who have met through email only, and there is a camaraderie between everyone: we are all in the same boat trying to find the time every day for our submission. Sometimes it’s tricky – I’m going away this week so I have to make sure I cover the days I’m going to be away. Some people find it hard to get their submissions done on the weekends because their life just gets too much in the way.

The binge group is good for getting submission information too. I imagine sometimes that a theatre gets a whole wack of mail at the same time from bingers!

For me the binges are a great way to get my other non-Theatrefolk work out into the world. I don’t have time on a regular basis to think about trying to hustle productions for my adult work. But for 30 days? That’s something I can focus on. My production in Denver in October came out of the Spring Binge. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this one!

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