Playwriting Exercise: Through the Wall Steve

On a recent walk I saw a guy pushing a dolly filled with boxes, each of which held a number of air conditioning sleeves. Each box was stamped “Through the Wall Sleeve.” Except when I first glanced at the boxes I thought they were all stamped “Through the Wall Steve.” And I instantly thought “What the hell is that??” A ton of pictures flashed through my mind…. and then I realized what they really said. It was it little hit of adrenaline though… when I thought it was a bunch of boxes holding a guy called Steve.

And of course, my next thought was BLOG POST! I’m throwing this exercise out to you. Write a monologue in which the main character is a “Through the Wall Steve.” What does that image conjure up for you? What is Steve doing through the wall? What does he want? What is his voice? How old is he?

If you feel so inclined to send them to us, we’ll post them on the blog. Get writing!

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