Playwriting Kick-Start Open for April Bookings

The next Playwriting Kick-Start starts in April. Kick-Start is an online playwriting course meant to guide an entire class of students toward writing their first play over the course of four lessons. Students submit work at the end of each lesson and Lindsay personally reads and comments on their work.

Here’s some info about the course:

When faced with an in-class playwriting project, many students falter at the first step: the idea. They don’t know where to start. They feel they’re not creative. They’ve been TOLD they’re not creative. They’ve had an idea fall apart and assume they can’t write. They think their ideas suck.

Playwriting Kick-Start offers students a new definition of what an idea is, how to find, create and develop that idea, tools to decide if an idea is theatrical, and what to do to move an idea toward a finished draft.

An excellent kick-start to your playwriting unit! Create a success-based environment for all students, regardless of their writing ability. Students receive one-on-one feedback.

The course is quite flexible. Every lesson segment is available on video (streamed online) or can be printed off in text and PDF format and guided by the in-class teacher.

What’s Involved?

Playwriting Kick-Start involves four on-line lessons over a two-week period:

  1. What is an idea? Where do I look?
  2. The Idea Process.
  3. What makes an idea theatrical?
  4. The First Scene.

Each lesson comes with a handout, an optional quiz, and a written assignment.

We’re now open for April bookings so please check it out!

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