Poking My Brain With a Stick

30 Days of Development: Lindsay is writing every day for thirty days, and submitting every day for thirty days, and blogging about it every day for thirty days. Whew! Can she do it? Stay posted….


Writing: The Ten minute play for today’s submission.

Submission: Ten minute play, The Change to Impact Theatre.

Thoughts: Ugh. Another day of Thought Fog. Leaving the house really screws up my writing rhythm sometimes. I was out most of the day for my first shift at a local cancer clinic. Which, by the by, I’m very happy to be doing. I’ve been on the search for a place to volunteer for about a year now and this is a new clinic in my area. I’m thrilled to be able to offer my copious office skills to actual ‘good’ use.

I think it’s just because there was so much to intake at the clinic that by the time I was ready to write, by brain was sore and sleepy and not at all in the mood to do anything other than pass time on the couch.

There’s two choices in such a situation: Write. Or don’t write. And seeing that the whole point of the month is to write, I guess I have to poke my brain with a stick till it wakes up. Now, this month is not a punishment. This is supposed to be good for me, a period of growth, and dare I say it, fun. And the point is ‘to write.’ That’s all the rules there are. Write. Whatever. For however long. That’s the task. That’s the job. That’s the plan. Five minutes of writing, is still writing. It counts.

To prevent instant crap feelings of death and doom and suckiness, I decide to stay away from the Bee play and the Non-verbal. I have ideas for both but better to have a happy perky brain and not one that has to be prodded with a stick. It had to be something else. There are a number of ten minute play contests I want to enter as part of my submissions that I don’t actually have plays for, so, I made my goal for the day to create, write, finish and submit a ten minute play. Ta da.

I spent a few minutes jotting down ideas to see if something could materialize, realized the brain was working and two hours later I had a finished play about puberty which is actually about becoming a vampire. Ta da indeed. Is it going to change the world? No. Is it going to change anyone’s life? No. But it’s a damn fine challenge. It’s a great way to push forward, to write, to in fact finish something, when I’d rather be lying on the couch. On a day where I could have easily have given up the ghost, I didn’t. That makes me feel rather smashing.

And a shout out to Boulder Creek High School for making it to the State Finals with their production of Stroke Static. I’m so honoured every time a school does this play…

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