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Quotes To Keep You Going

Picture the scene. You are standing in your classroom at the end of a pretty rough day. You didn’t connect to your students. Your administration didn’t connect to you. It’s easy to wonder what it’s all for. How do you keep going?

Sometimes all you need is to hear what someone else is going through to realize you’re not alone. Your struggles are someone else’s struggles. In this week’s podcast we asked nine drama teachers three questions:

  • “What are you struggling with?”
  • “When you started the year did you have a goal?”
  • “What does teaching drama mean to you?”

It was so eye-opening (it seems “to survive” is the primary goal!) we wanted to share the results in a variety of forms.

You can read the quotes here, and you can download some of them below as printable posters.

Post these at your desk to inspire you, to remind you you’re not alone, to keep you going. Because you must keep going.

What are your goals?

“My goal is to give them the overall experience. What is theatre about? How does it connect with your life? Theatre is an extension of life.“Edna Bland

“My goal is to make sure I was creating really good lessons for the kids.”Patt Martin

“To survive. The mandates that are coming down from the State are sucking all of the joy from what we do. I’m trying to insulate myself, protect my students and create a place where they can be happy and fulfilled.”Gail Chase

“To make sure every student is confident in themselves. That they can ask for help.”Laurie Philpot

“To build our program. To have some of our veterans train some of our newcomers.“Kendra Blazi

What are your struggles?

“Struggles make us stronger. And if we’re stronger we give something more to the students. They are my focus. If it’s best for your kids to go to an extra effort, that’s what you’ve got to do.”Patt Martin

“Time management. Always a big thing. I want to do so much that I find I overschedule.”Michelle Terl

“For kids to see that theatre is not just costumes and swords. It’s a discipline. It’s focus.”Edna Bland

“Giving everybody enough play time.”Jane Traskin

“I’m not good at the set design concept. I have no idea how to go about conceptualizing an actual set.”Lisa Stewart

“I’m struggling with raising money. We’re trying to attend festivals to try to get the passion going.”Kay Stewartson

What does teaching drama mean to you?

“Teaching drama means giving people an opportunity to express something about themselves that they maybe kept locked up and helping them to find a way to do it in an artistic way.”Jane Traskin

“Teaching Drama means enabling my students to find out what they are capable of.”Michelle Terl

“Teaching Drama means courage. Putting yourself out there.”Laurie Philpot

“The opportunity to empower young people. That’s why I get up and go to work every morning.”Lisa Stewart

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