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Rehearsal vs Performance – Anything Goes

Here are two videos that I’ve probably watched a couple dozen times each. They’re both of the title song from the current Broadway production of Anything Goes.

Here’s the number as seen in rehearsal:

There is a wee bit of rehearsal looseness, a couple of small flubs, and Joel Grey doesn’t seem to have a clue what’s going on most of the time. But for the most part you’re seeing an all-out performance quality effort. These people are very talented, but their effort and commitment elevate them to an even higher level.

It’s rare to see such all-out effort in rehearsal. This is understandable. Doing this for eight hours a day can be exhausting. But this video reminds me of what kind of effort and commitment we should all be striving for.

Here’s a cut-down version of the same number as see at The Tony Awards:

I love how far they have progressed. The flubs are gone, the effort is undetectable. It just looks so easy and fun and loose and free. Yet it’s as precise as a Swiss watch.

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