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Relics of Shows Past

One of the great privileges of working in the theatre is being backstage. I’ve taken friends and family backstage after shows, people who have never seen what’s behind the flats, and there’s usually a look of disillusionment in their eyes. The world that the designer has created no longer exists on the other side.

Most sets are built out of stock risers and flats – standard-sized pieces that fit together in configurations to suit the designer’s vision.

Stock pieces waiting to become the Jerome family home.

The age of the set pieces shows in the paint, the screwholes, the grafitti. I took a few photos of our¬†backstage to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

I always wonder when I’m backstage – are there ghosts of past shows watching us? Do we owe them anything?

Not Flat D or F.

Not sure what this paint represents. A distant group of office towers?

The back wall is painted for another show. Our set hides the back wall so it never gets seen.

Various sections of painted floor. Imagine all the characters and stories that strolled these risers.

Sadly our show does not call for three cans of beer. Nor is Becky anywhere in sight.

The back side of a clapboard effect. I love the different paint colours and patterns from shows past.


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