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Revisiting The Flying Bandit

Many moons ago, before Theatrefolk as you know and love it existed, Lindsay and I had a theatre company. A very small theatre company. The world’s smallest theatre company.

She would write and we would act. When she decided that acting wasn’t for her anymore then it was just me acting. It was at that time that we first learned of a bank robber/gold thief/master escape artist named Ken Leishman (aka The Flying Bandit). The story intrigued us enough to turn it into a play.

There were 37 different characters in that first version of the play and I played them all.

We toured all over Canada with that little show. A few years later we toured it again. A few years later we performed it at the Showboat Festival. And this week we’re about to open again at the Sudbury Theatre Centre.

So I’ve been doing this show on and off for nearly 13 years now. The script has changed, I’ve changed. I honestly don’t even know how many characters there are in the show at this point. I’ve resisted counting because it would just freak me out.

We put together a short video for the Sudbury folks showing how we went about developing the multi-character aspects of the show. Hope you enjoy it!

Click here to see the video if it doesn’t appear above.

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