Rolling, rolling, rolling

30 Days of Development: Lindsay is writing every day for thirty days, and submitting every day for thirty days, and blogging about it every day for thirty days. Whew! Can she do it? Stay posted….


Writing: Notes for the nano-play and another ten pages on the Bee play. If I do say so myself, that’s awesome!

Thoughts: Hey, it’s the half way point. Hooray for me!

Writing is a roller coaster life. You can never let the slow times, the rough times get you down because there’s going to be another up around the corner. Today was the type of day we in the biz like to call ‘a roll.’ And I was on it.

I started writing the instant I woke up, had to tear myself away to go for a run, back at it sitting in my stinky clothes while I iced a wonky hamstring, was so into it I forget a conference call I was supposed to be on. Whoops. Got that done, I changed plays and still the roll continued as I hammered away at another ten pages of Beauty and the Bee. If the roll continues, I might even be able to finish the first Act tomorrow. But now that I’ve jinxed it by announcing my intentions out loud, I probably won’t. But it doesn’t matter, because so long as I’m writing, the coaster keeps moving and there’s another up around the corner. That’s the path to writing success: there is no short cut, there’s always another day, there is no such thing as bad work, all you have to do is keep at it.

And I’m highly jazzed about my nanotechnology play. Hmmm, when was the last time you read a sentence like that? I like the characters, and I think I’ve got a handle on the science part. Enough for a ten minute play certainly (and I have to keep my ideas about a full length fully clamped down, not now damn you!) One of the characters is going to completely mis-understand it, which will be helpful. I’m going to keep making notes so that I can use the drive to St. Louis on Thursday to type things up.

Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep those plays a-rolling….

Submission: One act White to Barefoot Theatre.

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