Run and Run and Run. And Stop. Day 10, 11.

Tuesday, November 10th

The great thing about running is….

Running is awesome for working out ideas. They run around your brain as you’re pounding the pavement. More often than not, any script problem can be solved on the run. I love thinking on the move.

The sucky thing about running is…

When you solve a problem on the run, when you have an AHA! moment and you know exactly what to do but you have no pen or paper with which to write down your AHA! moment. You spend the rest of the run trying to ‘run’ the AHA! over and over again in your brain, trying to keep the AHA! in vivid technicolour because every second after the moment is another second away from AHA! And no AHA! idea is ever as good as it is in the AHA! moment. So you get home and you race inside, literally, to jot down the AHA! before it runs away.

This happens often enough that I should consider running with pen and paper. But running shorts aren’t exactly equipped for runners who think on the move….

Wednesday, November 11th

Zero point zero. That’s what I wrote today. Well, that’s not exactly true. I worked on a workshop I’m giving next week. I worked on an application for a TheatreTalent Bank. I made some notes for a play idea. I did write. But nothing quote unquote creative. This is what I did instead:

feet on beachcrystal beachlindsay on beach sunset on beach

Sometimes, you have to put down your pen and go for a walk on the beach. Enjoy a sunset. Breathe.

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