Save the Words!

Ectylotic: Removing warts or callouses.

I’m a lover of words. I love words that sound like their meanings. I love words that don’t. The sound of words is very appealing to me, it’s really no wonder that playwriting is my thang.

So, when I found the Save the Words website, I had an initial gurgle of glee. Save the Words is a campaign if you will to save words that are disappearing from our vocabulary and our dictionaries. According to the site, ‘hundred of words are dropped from the English language’ each year and that most of what we use to communicate is covered with around 7,000 words. Is double-plus-good right around the corner?

quercivorous: feeding on oak trees.

The site has a huge list of fading words and their definitions. There’s programs where you an adopt a word and promise to use it in daily conversation. You can also receive a word in your inbox each day. Sounds good.

pudify: to cause to be embarrassed.

But you know what? I’m not all that upset that these particular words on the site are moving out of circulation. They’re not, well I hasten to say they’re not ‘good’ words but they’re mostly rather clunky. They are interesting, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t sing to me and say ‘use me.’

squiriferous: to have the qualities of a gentlemen.

Perhaps I’m being hasty. I’ll still scour around. Believe you me, I’ll probably find a way to throw one in my next play. And you can certainly judge for yourselves. Far be it from me to be to say that someone shouldn’t use ‘ ‘ in conversation.

leeftail: in great demand.

What do you think?

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