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Scene Spurs: Writing Prompts for Dramatic Depth

Scene Spurs
Written by Lindsay Price

The hardest part of writing for a novice is finding a place to start. The blank page intimidates as it stares back at you. A lack of inspiration is often blamed – I’m not inspired. There’s nothing inspiring in my life. I don’t have any inspiration. Writing is often linked to inspiration. That’s hard to compete with if you don’t feel inspired. Aren’t writers ethereal beings who are inspired seven times before breakfast?

It has become a wee mission of mine to dissuade beginning writers from this notion. And that there’s nothing wrong with picking up a few tools so that having a place to start is never an issue. No one builds a house out of thin air, why think the same of writing?

To that end, we want to provide tools to the beginning writer. A place to start. A way to trigger the brain into action. To take inspiration out of the equation altogether and get words on the page.

Scene Spurs: Writing Prompts for Dramatic Depth is one of those tools. This new Theatrefolk resource will help any teacher get their students started in the writing process. It will get students writing.

As the title suggests, Scene Spurs is a collection of photo-based writing prompts – some wonderful, weird, interesting photographs. These pictures were specifically chosen to trigger the brain into action, to push writers to (at the very least) ask, “What on earth is happening in this photo?”

But wait – there’s more!

A starting place is occasionally not enough . If you throw someone off the cliff, sometimes they fly and sometimes they, well, they don’t.

Each Scene Spur includes:

  • Warm-up questions to prompt students to write without pressure.
  • An automatic writing suggestion.
  • Multiple monologue and scene topics. Choose one. Choose them all!
Learn more about Scene Spurs and read free sample pages here!
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