Scenes and Monologues for Competitions

Publisher approvals for competition scenes and monologues
Written by Craig Mason

Are you performing monologues or scene cuttings from our plays for competition? The organizers will likely ask you to provide proof that you have the publisher’s permission to perform.

Some competitions keep a standard list of publisher approvals and it’s possible that we’re already on that list:

Thespian Individual Events (IEs)

Our scripts are pre-approved for Thespian IEs. For further info you can visit this page:
National Individual Events

The document with the pre-approval can be found under the “Securing performance rights” link.

Irene Ryan Acting Scholarships

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Irene Ryan Acting Scholarships We’re on that list too:
KCACTF Royalties and Permission

Do you know of any similar competitions that keep lists of pre-approvals? Let us know so we can get on the list.

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