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Keep Calm and Write Plays

Tonight is my favourite night of the Theatrefolk year. It’s the night that I get to write royalty checks to our amazing authors. Most of the time I hate paying bills, but these are checks I enjoy writing.

It’s such a blessing to represent such wonderful people, and I absolutely love sending them money for their work. As I’m sure you already know, writing plays isn’t exactly a get-rich-quick scheme.

Have you written something suitable for the high school and/or middle school market? Maybe it’s something you wrote for your class to perform. A lot of the plays in our catalogue were originally written by theatre teachers for their students. Don’t be afraid to get your work out there.

It doesn’t cost anything to submit a play to us. There’s no guarantee we’ll publish it (we turn down more plays than we accept) but if your play isn’t right for us, we’ll be really nice about it. We’re Canadian, remember? We don’t bite. Even if they invented a way to bite through email, we still wouldn’t do it. In fact, we often get thank you notes for our rejection letters.

So don’t be shy! Check out our submission guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

Go ahead. Make me happier. Make me write more checks this time next year.

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