September already?

Good gravy where does the time go? I can’t believe it’s September tomorrow and it’s been a month since the last post. Actually I do where where the time went – it seems that as soon as August hit, everyone was ready to buy plays! Quite a few schools in the States open in August (which just seems so wrong to me) so it’s been a little bit crazy. On top of a new school year starting, we’ve got new plays, new catalogue to get ready to go to print, a new newsletter, new bunch of conferences and so on and so on. And how much writing is getting done…….? Not too much (she said very quietly under her breath)

Now, I did know this was going to happen and I did know that this was going to be a “business” hat month instead of a “creative” hat month. And this is exactly why the stuff that I am writing is for the spring and fall of next year. I used to be very much a last minute, seat of the pants writer and it’s quite a relief to have swung in the other direction.

One very cool thing that happened this month is that I signed a contract for a production of one of my non-Theatrefolk plays. I’m going to have a production of my full-length adult play Appliance at the Denver Victorian Playhouse, by the And Toto Too Theatre Company in October/November. This play has had a long journey from soaring highs to jaw dropping lows. I spent a woderful week workshopping the play in Chicago a few years back; it was a creative highlight – I would spend the days working on the play either at the computer or in the rehearsal hall, and then I would go to the theatre at night. An ideal artist’s experience.

At the other end of the spectrum, I sat through a reading of the play where it had somehow turned from a seriocomedy with lots of light moments to counter the serious subject matter (the main character has breast cancer) to something very very dark and there wasn’t anything funny going on. I inched lower and lower in my seat as each page went on. If I could have crawled under the seats to the back of the theatre and snuck out, I would have.

Every time a play finds its way to the stage there’s always seems to be this moment of “is it going to hit, or is it going to miss?” There’s really nothing worse that realising five minutes in that you’re watching the “miss” version of your script and there’s still many many more minutes to go…..

At any rate I have a couple of workshops lined up for the fall as well as a potential writer’s retreat in November. The best way to get writing done is to know that it’s going to be in front of someone sooner than later!

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