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Setting Up in Nebraska

This week is officially the craziest week of the year: the International Thespians Festival in Lincoln Nebraska. Wall to wall teachers and students, shows all day, workshops, auditions, individual events, everyone is on the go from early morning to… early morning. I often wonder how different my life would have turned out if I had such a festival to go to in high school. It’s an experience like no other.

This is our sixth year and this time I’m going it alone. Craig is in the middle of rehearsals for a show so it’s all me. It’s a bit scary, not a lot since it’s mostly old hat. But keeping track of everything can get hairy and I’m also teaching a full set of workshops….. it could get intense. You’ll be the first to know as I’m going to blog every day about what happens here.

Today I traveled and started the set up.

Lincoln 09 001

This is how our table always looks at the very beginning. There’s always a moment during set up where everything is overwhelming and Agh, and how will we make it all pretty. What are we going to dooooooooooo.

But it all comes together. It always does. And it’s always nicer to set up the day before a conference starts, as there’s no immediate deadline. I didn’t get finished, but I made decent headway.

Lincoln 09 007

There’s also always a moment during set up where you fantasize (or create nightmares, I’ve always been a cup half empty kind of gal) about how the conference is going to go.

Will it be good? Bad? How will the economy situation affect things?

Only the shadow knows until tomorrow….

Lincoln 09 002

Boy for a girl who’s always so negative, that’s a pretty happy smile. Isn’t our latest catalogue pretty? Hmmmm, if I had taken a better picture you’d see how pretty it is. Something to do in my spare time this week….

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