Shout!- Our Toe Goes in the Water

Yesterday I crossed my fingers, my toes, my heart and every other body part I had and handed over, for the first time, a couple of Shout! songs to students. I had the great privilege to spend time with students from Ajax High School. AHS is a typical school, meaning that students are well rounded and extra-curricular activities are just that: students have to focus on a whole bunch of things and the arts is not always at the top of the list.

The students were improv fanatics so they were lively, gleeful and ready to try almost anything. Even an a cappella musical! There were more than a couple of wide eyes when I told them about the ‘no instrument’ part of the musical but by the end it didn’t seem to be an issue. This was the first time I also described the three stories to students and it went over very well. We worked on ‘The Break Up Song,’ and ‘Lie to Your Mother.’

I had a fantastic time. It was so great to see people, who have no connection to us, enjoy themselves with the music. I was over the moon that they connected to the songs, that they liked them, that they enjoyed working on them. It could have easily went the other way. Even though I thought I knew in my heart that we had something special. Here is where I do my happy dance. Bit hard to describe, but use your imagination.

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