Shout – Second Video

Kristin and Lindsay talk just before seeing the world premiere of Shout!.

Music by Kristin Gauthier. Book and lyrics by Lindsay Price.


Craig: What’s going on?

Lindsay: Okay, Kristin. So, we are now five minutes away from seeing the premier production of Shout at Lakewood Ranch High School in Florida and we were able to see a preview to the songs this afternoon and it was amazing, wasn’t it?

Kristin: Yes, it was fabulous, absolutely fabulous. Way beyond my expectations.

Lindsay: So, right now we’re extremely excited, on tenterhooks, and we think it’s going to be a great show.

Kristin: Can’t wait!
Lindsay: Okay! Here we are again at Shout. I am wearing my official Shout t-shirt which I love. Kristin, did we not get the cutest t-shirts?

Kristin: The sweetest t-shirts.

Lindsay: And what else did we get?

Kristin: We got amazing hoodies.

Lindsay: We got hoodies! It’s very exciting!

So, last night, an amazing experience.

Kristin: Really fabulous, yeah.

Lindsay: And we’ve never seen it before and I think that we’re convinced that this can work.

Kristin: Oh, I think it will work.

Lindsay: I know, I know. It’s very, very exciting. They worked, how hard did they work last night?

Kristin: They worked so hard. They put their hearts into it and I really, really appreciate that.

Lindsay: I know. So, we’re back again tonight and what are you looking for?

Kristin: Tonight, I’m going to be looking, listening really closely to the music – what works well, what doesn’t work quite as well – and so I’m going to find those places and make it more singable and more accessible for the kids who do it in the future.

Lindsay: Cool.

I learned that the first act is tad long and I want to cut about fifteen minutes.

Craig, here, come in. Look. I’ve already started to sort of make some cuts. Look at this. Arrows, cut, cut. But what that means is that it’s going to be a very efficient show. That’s what we were looking for – really efficient, flows nice, and it’s the best musical ever.

Kristin: Absolutely.

Lindsay: Cool. See you later!

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