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Side-Benefits of a Theatre Education?

From a blog called “Momentary lapses of insanity…” comes this cute little piece about some side-benefits of a theatre education.

Reminds me of a quick story from my youth. My family was on vacation somewhere and there was a restaurant that was in a train. We all wanted to eat in the train. Well, my brother and I anyway. So into the train we went. We sat down and had a look at the menu. I, like most kids, had no concept of money, but my father assures me that the restaurant was very expensive and didn’t look all that good anyway.

We decided to not stay and eat. But we were polite Canadians and weren’t going to just leave without explaining. So Dad says to me, “Craig… pretend you’re sick.” Without a second-thought I was doubled-over complaining of stomach cramps. The staff took pity on me and off we went. To Wendy’s, I seem to recall.

Ever put your acting skills to less-than-honest use? Share below!

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