So Excited

I’ve had great news this week. I’ve got two plays moving on in the Sears Drama Festival – Flaky Lips and Stroke Static are going to be performed in their Regional Showcases, one in Toronto and one in Burlington.

It’s wonderful because these two plays are a really tough sell. Both are quite abstract, contain some non traditional dialogue and characters – the main character in Stroke Static is a 83 year old man, who thinks he’s young, so therefore he’s played by a young man.In Flaky Lips two young women are tossed out of their respected communities because they ask too many questions about race. Neither are what you’d call yuk fests.

It means a lot to me to have these plays go on – to have these plays out in the world period. I wrote them both for me and they are both based on personal experiences. Stroke Static is based on my grandfather and Flaky Lips is based on my feelings about racial tensions. They don’t sell a lot of copies but it’s very important to me that they’re in the catalogue. That’s what I love about being self employed in this business. I do get to write about whatever I want. I go in waves – write the plays that will make money and sell, write the plays that won’t make any money but need to be out and about.

I’m always surprised and gleeful when Stroke and Flaky get bought and downright ecstatic when they get productions. I know that feeling will never go away.

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