Some awesome “Cat Hair” photos

Bradley Walton’s The Absolutely Insidious and Utterly Terrifying Truth About Cat Hair has the oddest collection of characters. There’s a lint brush, a vacuum cleaner, and a granola bar. And there is also cat hair. Lots and lots of cat hair. You can basically have as many cat hairs as you can fit on your stage.

When I picture costuming for the cat hairs, I picture the actors in brown or black leotards with lots of pieces of yarn hanging from them. I imagine that’s was pops into most people’s heads when they read the play.

Not Beth Goodwin. Beth is the Drama Club Director at Central High School in Corinth, ME. Her interpretation basically looks like a Crayola factory exploded on stage – full of

Check out these photos:

Can I just say how much I’m in love with these photos? I know Bradley’s gaga about them, too.

The show did very well in the Maine drama festival and it sounds like the cast had a blast. Here’s some of the feedback Beth sent to us:

This play is a blast to perform – it is quirky, fun and different – fit our drama club to a “T”. It is now one of my all time faves as far as plays I’ve directed. Our inspiration was Dr. Seuss, in case you couldn’t tell – ha, ha!

We won the Maine Princpal’s Association (MPA) Class B Regional drama festival and had 5 people named to all festival cast (three narrators and two cats) and received a commendation for costuming and ensemble. At the MPA Class B State festival we came in 6th and the “little cat” got named to all festival cast.

Thanks for providing such a great play.

Congratulations and thanks for the photos! More photos and info about the play are posted on this page.

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