Some Excellent Feedback for Shout!

We got some great feedback this week from Cheri Reiswig (Park Christian High School, Moorhead, MN) about their recent production of Shout! An A Cappella Musical.

Cheri writes:

Thanks so much for your encouraging words to the cast regarding our production of Shout! The students were delighted to receive notes from the playwright!

Shout! was a smash hit! This was our ‘first ever’ musical at the high school level – and it was a fantastic run.

We devoted a portion of our high school choir class time to work on the music. All the acting & singing roles, in addition to the vocal orchestra, were filled by our choir, 41 students. In a post-production survey, every student indicated being a part of Shout! was a positive experience and all were eager to present another musical.

Thank you for writing a musical with an intelligent script and a creative approach to the music. Shout! surprised many in the audience as several mentioned that it was the first musical they actually enjoyed attending.

A very worthwhile endeavor!

Cheri is going to try to get some video and photos to us and I’ll post them here when she does.

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