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Radiolab Presents- TJ & Dave - Radiolab

We’re just paying attention to what happened since the lights went up. Nothing else exists. Dave Pasquesi

If you or your students are interested in learning more about improvisation, I highly recommend listening to this recent Radiolab podcast.

The piece features improvisers TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi, who improvise a complete one act play from beginning to end. They take us inside their brains as they start the play from nothing, through to establishing character and place, through developing the story step by step.

Here’s what’s super-important to note when listening to the podcast: They never talk about trying to be funny, it’s not about showboating or trying to stand out. Everything they do is in service of the characters, the story, and being present in the moment. This is the part of improv that is so very helpful for actors to study.

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