Spread the Love: Alice

Written by Craig Mason

This week we spread the love for Alice, adapted by Lindsay Price from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Recorded live on some very spinny teacups!


Lindsay: Hi. Welcome to Spread the Love. We are on Mad Tea Party. Alice’s mad teacups which is a perfect place to talk about our adaptation of Alice in Wonderland called Alice. Oh, we’re spinning! We’re spinning!

Okay. We have an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and it’s done specifically for high schools.

Craig, what do you love about Alice?

Craig: What I love about Alice is that the adaptation is theatrical. It doesn’t try and be realistic or recreate any realism in the story. It’s theatrical. The growing and the shrinking is done with projections getting larger and smaller. And I’m getting dizzier and dizzier as I spin and tell you about this. And the Cheshire Cat is played by three actresses who speak in unison. It’s really clever and really fun to see.

Lindsay, what do you love about Alice?

Lindsay: Whose idea was this? Okay! What I love about Alice is that it can be done by any high school. All the special effects are very practical and economical. So, that’s means that it’s fun to do.

Craig, stop spinning! Stop spinning!

And it’s very fun to do and it stays true to the initial book so you’re not gonna miss anything and it’s all the fun parts. That’s what I really love about it. It’s all the fun parts of Alice in Wonderland.

Craig: All right. Let’s go get some cotton candy and spin again!

Lindsay: I’m getting dizzy! Ahh! That’s it for Spread the Love!

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