Spread the Love: Apostrophe’s by Bradley Hayward

Written by Craig Mason

Lindsay and Craig spread the love for Apostrophe’s by Bradley Hayward.


Lindsay: Hello! And welcome to Spread the Love. This week, we are talking about Apostrophe’s by Bradley Hayward. And – Do you see this? Do you see this? Do you see what this is right here? This is a misused apostrophe! And that’s what this little gem of a play is all about: The misuse of apostrophes, the excessive use of apostrophes is ruining the lives of students at westfield high, and it’s time to remedy the situation. Craig, what do you love about Apostrophe’s?

Craig: Well, there’s a lot to love about Apostrophe’s. First of all, it’s got a very flexible cast – 13-16 performers, and totally gender neutral. Second of all, it’s hilarious. It’s like a distorted Our Town¬†where a MC brings you from scene to scene in a school where apostrophes are being abused. And thirdly, it starts off breezy and simple, but toward the end it has a nice little challenge for the actors. A really fun piece to do. Lindsay, what do you love about Apostrophe’s?

Lindsay: Craig, I think you’ve crystallized my thoughts eloquently. Everything that you love about this play is what I love about this play, and I’ll just sum it up by saying: If you do this play, you’ll never look at apostrophes the same way again. That’s it for Spread the Love, see you next time!

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