Spread the Love: Camel Dung and Cloves

Written by Craig Mason

This week we spread the Love for Camel Dung and Cloves by Dara Murphy.

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Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love. This week we are talking about Camel Dung and Cloves by Dara Murphy. The play takes place in a teenage girl’s bedroom. Where, for some unknown reason, the main character is setting out a tea service and for some unknown reason has paid someone to come and drink tea with her and the tea may or may not contain the ingredients camel dung and cloves.

Now if that sounds really weird to you, that’s because it is. The play is really really weird; the characters are weird, the story is weird, and the twist ending is very, very weird. And that’s what we love it and that’s why it’s in our catalogue.

Because it’s important to support the weird. Not everyone wants a vignette play, not everyone wants a Shakespeare spoof, and not everybody wants an intense period drama. Sometimes you want to read something weird because you know what? There are some weird teenagers out there. I was totally a weird teenager and I would have loved to have read this play and have been in it. There are girls out there who don’t want to play cheerleaders and ballerinas. They want weird. So, that’s why we love this play. Craig what do you love about Camel Dung and Cloves?

Well, what I love about Camel Dung and Cloves is….. it’s weird.

That’s it for Spread the Love.

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