Spread the Love: Censorbleep by Lindsay Price

This week we spread the love for Censorbleep by Lindsay Price. Recorded live at St. Cloud High School with the original cast.


Hello. Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love. This week we are at St. Cloud High School in Florida. And it’s been very special because I’ve been here workshopping a new play. But, because this is Spread the Love, we are talking about not a play that hasn’t been written yet, but a play that we have just published called Censorbleep.

Everyone hold up your scripts.

And this is the cast, most of the cast, from the production of Censorbleep that was the very first production – the premiere. So since I’m here workshopping another play we thought this would be a great time to kind of see what you guys love about Censorbleep. Who can tell me something that they love about Censorbleep?

Well Censorbleep, with that show, there was a very strong ensemble acting with all the different groups like the garbage and the Bleep Bleep Girls.

Right. Censorbleep is, of course, about censorship. It’s about two groups that sort of fight each other. There are the Bleep Bleep Girls who, they’re sort of the control of the school, then there are those who sort of have individual thoughts and they’ve sort of been shunted off and they end up in the garbage.

Michelle, what did you like about… you were a very prominent garbage member, so what was that like for you?

It was just awesome, just the whole concept of the garbage, the fact that they spoke their minds and they got just literally thrown into the garbage and it was just an awesome concept and awesome to be.

What I really like about it is that it’s a really theatrical way of dealing with the issue of censorship.

Now, I brought Censorbleep to you guys last year when I was workshopping a new play and it became your play. Why did you choose the play, Karen?

It’s a very important message right now. And it’s told in a way that isn’t very preachy and it’s told on the level that the kids can connect to it. And as a theatre teacher, I really like Censorbleep because it breaks you out of that uber-realism and lets you do something far more theatrical and it kind of pushes the kids out of their comfort zone.

What was the audience response like? I heard some very interesting…

Creeped out by the Bleep Bleep Girls.

I heard there was a lot of, “Oh, aren’t they funny? Oh….”

Scary, yeah.

Which is my favourite. Cute to scary is the best character transition ever, I think.

Cool. That’s it for Spread the Love.

1… 2… 3… Bleep Bleep!!!

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