Spread the Love: Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers

This week we spread the love for our Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers.

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Hey, this is Craig from Theatrefolk. Welcome to the very first Spread The Love of 2010. This week we’re spreading the love for our Facebook fans and our Twitter followers. And if you’re not already a Facebook Fan or a Twitter follower, now would be a great time to do it, because this year we’re going to be giving away free PDF downloads of some of our best plays to you.

The way it works, we have a magic little page that you just saw, and when I type that in, it automatically gets updated to our facebook account….maybe it didn’t…. there it is! (reading) “Have you read our Censorbleep yet? Get a free PDF for the next two hours.” It should also update onto the Twitter account… and there it is.

And what happens is when you link on there, you get right to a page where you can download the play right away. So if you want to do that and get some free plays, why not go ahead and do it!

The websites are and

That’s it for Spread the Love. Happy New Year!

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