Spread the Love: Football Romeo by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason

This week we Spread the love for Football Romeo by Lindsay Price.


Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love. Here at Theatrefolk we preserve in the face of adversity, or a rainstorm which has moved in as we started working on this. But you know, we’re near a football field so we can till continue our series on the football themed plays in the Theatrefolk catalogue. The last play we’re going to talk about is Football Romeo. Football Romeo is by me, and it is a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Instead of two fighting families we have two opposing school cliques. Popular kids and drama geeks. Nicola, who is part of the popular crew, she is auditioning for a lead in the Verona Beach production of Romeo and Juliet. She knows she’s perfect for Juliet and she is dead certain that her linebacker boyfriend is perfect for Romeo. But, things don’t always turn out the way you want and it is of course drama geek Danny who gets Romeo. And when he does get that part, sparks fly and drama ensues. Craig what do you love about Football Romeo?

Well I love both the characters and the character development in Football Romeo. When we first meet the characters, they are in traditional cliques, so they appear to be stereotypes. But as the play unfolds we see that there are deeper and deeper dimensions to the characters. It’s a really wonderful piece for character development and exploration. Lindsay what do you love about Football Romeo?

Football Romeo started out as a ten minute play. And when I first started writing it, I knew that there was more to explore. There was more to the characters and there was more to the story. And how thrilled am I that it turned out to be a two act full length piece. One of the other things that I really enjoyed about writing it and I’m really happy that is in the script, is that it has a variety of genres. It flows really nicely from naturalism, realistic, it goes into abstract dream sequences, and there’s a lot of Shakespeare thrown in for a really nice combination of genres. And I don’t think that happens in a lot of plays – usually they stick with one. So that’s a really great exploration to match the lovely exploration of the characters. And I think one of my favourite things is that in the middle of it there is a snippet of a musical of Lord of the Flies. Something you need to see to believe.

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