Spread the Love, Mmmbeth: Competition Length Version

Written by Craig Mason

This week on Spread the Love, Craig talks about Mmmbeth: Competition Length Version by Allison Williams.


Welcome to Spread the Love. Today I wanted to talk to you about Mmmbeth: Competition Length Version. As its name implies, this is a competition-length cutting of the very popular Mmmbeth by Allison Williams.

Now when we put a running time on the back of a script, it’s an educated guess usually based on the number of pages in the script. Now, what we didn’t account for with the original Mmmbeth is that you guys would be doing awesome productions that were getting lots and lots of laughs. More laughs means more time, which meant that your productions were running longer than the advertised 40 minutes. This isn’t really a huge problem, except that a lot of schools were entering Mmmbeth into competitions with a maximum 40 minute running time. Ah, now we have a problem.

So we asked Allison to put her thinking cap on, get her red pen in her hand and get to work, and she came up with this awesome cutting. It’s got the same cast size as the original, it’s got loads of laughs, and best of all, you can get all the laughs you want now and not have to worry about running over time.

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