Spread the Love: Moving/Still by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason

This week on Spread the Love, Craig talks about Moving / Still: Two One Act Plays by Lindsay Price.


Welcome to Spread the Love. This week I’m talking about Moving/Still – two one-act plays – “Moving” and “Still” – by Lindsay Price.

The plays explore the transition from teenager into adulthood. Some of us ease into the transition gradually, while others leap like lemmings.

In Still we witness the reunion of what was once the happy cute couple. But one of them had to grow up very quickly. And the other one hasn’t grown at all. With a cast of one guy and one girl, Still is a bold dramatic choice for two strong performers.

Moving, by contrast, features a gaggle of ebullient girls as they help their friend Darcy prepare for a date. The preparations are going smoothly enough until they learn that Darcy’s date is quite a bit older than her. What do they do? Do they let her go? Do they make her stay at home? Do they tell her parents? Moving is an excellent ensemble choice for five strong women.

Now what I love about these plays is that they’re essentially about the same topic, but the topic is approached from two very different angles.

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