Spread the Love: PDF Downloads and Photocopy Licenses

This week we spread the love for PDF Downloads and Photocopy Licenses. Recorded live in a mysteriously futuristic location.


Welcome to this week’s Spread the Love. This week we are talking about moving into the future, moving into the 21st century and we have two very unique programs that do just that here at Theatrefolk. The first is our PDF program and that means you can go on our website and you can download a PDF of the play that you’re looking at, right then right there.

The second program is our photocopy license. And that means that if you are doing a play you can photocopy the scripts that you need for your cast.

Craig tell us all about PDFs and the photocopy license.

Well what’s great about the PDF downloads is that we’d get a situation where a customer would give us a call and they would absolutely have to have a script overnight. And it became really silly because they’d be buying a script for $5.95 but it would cost us and unfortunately them forty dollars to get it to them overnight. So the PDF download lets you get it straight away and just for the cost of the book.

And the other great thing is the photocopy license. And again, what was happening with the photocopy license is that we would get a call from a customer who was producing one of our plays and needed a set of cast scripts and the royalties and all that good stuff and we’d ask when the production is and they’d say ‘oh it’s tomorrow night.’ Well that became silly too because we’d have to pack up these scripts and send it to them when we know and they know that they’ve already photocopied it.

So, the photocopy license and the PDF download, it works for us and it works for you and that’s what we really love about it.

That’s it for Spread the Love. Bye bye!

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